Jared Leto Talks Tattoos, Smelling Musky, and His Minimalist Hair CareExclusive 


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Any child of the ’90s likely had a crush on Jared Leto (ahem, Mr. Jordan Catalano) and probably still does (I do!). Thankfully Jared is still acting and performing with his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. And can we talk about the internet’s obsessed with his ever-changing hair?!

The renaissance man is also the face of Gucci fragrances, and the campaigns are pretty steamy (see exclusive behind-the-scenes images here!). This Spring, he is fronting the campaign for Gucci Guilty Absolute (an earthy-woody scent). In the ads, photographer Glen Luchford shot Jared starring at his handsome reflection in the mirror. Since that was not enough Jared for us, we also got to interview him via email about his grooming and scent routine . . .

POPSUGAR: What does Jared Leto smell like in three descriptive words?
Jared Leto: I think I like heavier, muskier smells in general. I don’t love flowery, powdery smells. I love kind of darker, stronger smells.

PS: What is your favorite scent memory?

JL: I’ve always had a strong sense of smell and I think smells for me, I remember when I was a kid, that the smell of a fireplace. This is gas, but the smell of a fireplace is always really powerful to me. A campfire, a fireplace, it always brings back memories.

PS: We are obsessed with your hair texture. How do you take care of it?

JL: I take a shower and shampoo and that’s it.

PS: What is your guilty pleasure?
JL: Maybe I have a guilty indulgence with art and creativity because as an artist you can be indulgent, and it’s important to be, in a way. To spend time thinking about your own creative desires.

PS: What is your skin care routine?
JL: I don’t do any beauty routine, in my own personal life. I try to eat as good as I can, and I try to sleep. But for films, I would do whatever it takes. I made a movie in Budapest, Bladerunner, and it was a lot of makeup and big transformation. [For] another movie in Japan I had tattoos everywhere — all over my body, my whole body — it was crazy. Eight hours in makeup.

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