Film Credits

Film Title Character Release Year
Suicide Squad The Joker 2016
Artifact Director/Producer 2012
Dallas Buyers Club Rayon 2013
Mr. Nobody Nemo Nobody 2009
Chapter 27 Mark David Chapman 2007
Lonely Hearts Ray Fernandez 2006
Lord of War Vitaly Orlov 2005
Alexander Hephaistion 2004
Sol Goode Rock Star Wannabe 2003
Panic Room Junior 2002
Highway Jack 2001
Sunset Strip Glen Walker 2000
Requiem For a Dream Harry Goldfarb 2000
American Psycho Paul Allen 2000
Girl, Interrupted Tobias Jacobs 1999
Fight Club Angel Face 1999
Black & White Casey 1999
The Thin Red Line 2nd Lt. Whyte 1998
Urban Legend Paul Gardener 1998
Basil Basil 1998
Switchback Lane Dixon 1997
Prefontaine Steve Prefontaine 1997
The Last of the High Kings Frankie Griffin 1996
How to Make an American Quilt Beck 1995
Cool and the Crazy Michael 1994